Heal through art, movement, play, and storytelling

Earn a Master of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy or Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus on Creative Art Therapies

In all we do at Antioch University, we strive to support just, diverse, and equitable communities. We work to give our students the tools they need to be a force for good in their fields. In mental health, this means giving practitioners the body of knowledge they need to support their clients wholly.

Creative Arts Therapies allow mental health professionals to connect to clients in various modalities, whether through words, movement, visual and performative arts, or a combination.




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Fall 2024


MA & Certificate


Online, Low Residency, and Campus-Based

In Antioch University’s Creative Arts Therapy programs, we provide students with a solid balance of theory and practice. Our graduates emerge uniquely prepared to become a positive force in the lives of their patients and their communities. Join us!

Heal through creation.

Empower your therapy clients to express themselves verbally and through visual art in order to treat a multitude of developmental, emotional, psychological, and medical problems or disorders.

Art therapists work in private practice and/or in clinical, educational and rehabilitative settings, including: hospitals and clinics, residential treatment centers, long-term care facilities, community centers, prisons, shelters, schools and mental health and social service agencies.

Available programs:

  • MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Art Therapy Concentration online and low-residency, offered from our New England campus
  • MA in Couple and Family Therapy with Art Therapy at our Seattle campus
  • MA in Counseling: Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Art Therapy at our Seattle campus

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Heal through movement.

As dance/movement therapists, we believe that a person’s lived bodily experience is central to the therapeutic process, and that dancing is life-affirming. Relational bodily action is the primary agent of change. This program presents both nonverbal and verbal approaches, enhanced by training in Couple and Family Therapy or Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Students determine the methods that resonate with their professional identity as dance/movement therapists, and best serve a diverse clientele.

Dance/movement therapists work with individuals, couples, families, and groups in a variety of settings including psychiatric, VA, medical, rehabilitation, pediatric hospitals; community mental health facilities; schools; residential treatment centers for children, adolescents, elders; correctional facilities; private practice, and group practices.

Available programs:

  • MA in Dance/Movement Therapy: Couple & Family Therapy, low-residency and offered by our New England campus

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Foster change through movement, story, and role play.

Drama therapy is one of several creative arts therapies used by clinicians and practitioners to help their clients achieve emotional and physical integration, personal growth, and symptom relief. Like art therapy, it is the application of a creative modality to psychotherapy. Drama therapy allows you to develop your own way of working with clients using embodiment and theater processes.

The Antioch program is broad-based, providing students with experience with Improvisation, Psychodrama, Playback Theater, Narradrama, Developmental Transformations, Healing the Wounds of History, Masks, Puppets, Sociodrama, Theater of the Oppressed, Storytelling, and The Story Within. Students are also exposed to other creative arts therapies incorporating art, movement/dance, music, poetry, film, and geek therapies.

Drama therapists work in numerous settings, including, but not limited to, hospitals, residential treatment programs, schools, shelters, community centers, prisons, and private practice. Antioch drama therapy students are highly sought after for internships and often receive offers to continue working after internship.

Available programs:

  • MA in Couple and Family Therapy with Drama Therapy at our Seattle campus
  • MA in Counseling: Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Drama Therapy at our Seattle campus


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Neurobiologically-informed treatment for children and families.

Play therapy has been demonstrated to be one of the most effective therapies for children and families needing support and skills to process their life events in a safe, structured, and healthy environment. The need for play therapists in therapeutic and educational settings is on the rise thanks to its substantial benefits. More specifically, the dynamic interpersonal relationships that are built allow persons of any age to fully express themselves.Our program will provide you with the experience and skills you need for a successful career in this growing field. Association for Play Therapy (APT) accredited.

Available programs:

  • Certificate in Play Therapy at our Seattle campus


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Antioch’s programs in Creative Arts Therapy prepare practitioners to become a force for positive, creative change in their communities. 

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