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Antioch’s PhD in Leadership and Change program is dedicated to engaging working professionals in the interdisciplinary study, research and practice of leading positive change in workplaces, schools, organizations, and communities, across the country and world. The program is designed to support socially engaged leaders and change agents to inquire into the complex and thorny challenges of their fields and to conduct research that can help improve that practice.

At the heart of study is the student’s own practice in professional life. The program enables learners to continuously reflect on and integrate their real-world experience with scholarship and methods of inquiry. The program encourages students to integrate theory and practice in order to enrich their own practice and expand relevant theory. This is not about an ivory tower, but about taking your learning into your workplace and community to help make positive change, improve outcomes, and engage individuals in ways that benefit the common good.

Financial Aid

Many Antioch University students take advantage of our financial aid options to fund their education. Our Financial Aid team can design an aid package based on your eligibility and personal level of need. We’ll help you explore a variety of federal and institutional financial aid options. The Graduate School of Leadership and Change also offers a number of scholarships.


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