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Earning your Management degree could be closer and more affordable than you think!

Antioch University is proud to have formed a partnership with UC San Diego Extension allowing students who have completed one of six certificates to transfer that experience into Antioch University’s online graduate Management degrees, removing duplicate coursework, saving students time and money to complete their graduate degree.

No matter what your dream, our programs will help you build the practical skills, professional network, and knowledge you need to increase your impact, advance your knowledge, and excel at your mission.

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Antioch's Management Programs are built for now.

Antioch University’s online graduate Management programs prepare students to thrive in a dynamic, diverse, and innovative world where business acumen, leadership ability, and practical application are critically important–and marketable–skills. These 33-semester-credit program can be completed in under two years – and when transferring your UCSD credits into the program, can be completed in as soon as 18 months. Most students work full time while going to school.

Students from the following UCSD certificates are eligible for transfer credit toward Antioch University’s Management programs.

  • Healthcare Financial Analysis
  • Human Resource Management Certificate
  • Fundraising and Development Certificate
  • Digital Marketing Certificate
  • Brewing Certificate
  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Certificate

Convenient learning

  • 100% online learning
  • GMAT scores accepted but not required
  • 24/7 access to classwork and resource for convenience
  • Begin your degree at one of six entry point per year
  • Transfer 6-10 credits into Antioch’s Master of Business Administration, Master of Human Services Administration, or MA in Nonprofit Management

Seamless Transition

Through a partnership with Antioch University, UC San Diego Extension students who complete one of eight certificates can apply their certificate credits to an Antioch online graduate Management program in a 6-10 credit block.

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Narrative Assessment

Antioch University’s learning philosophy has always been based on individual evaluation and synthesis of what you’ve learned into demonstrated knowledge. At AU, we use narrative assessment, rather than letter grades, to provide meaningful, actionable evaluation of what you’ve learned. Letter grade equivalencies for graduate school applications or employer tuition reimbursement are available upon request.

Committed to Progress

Since our founding in 1852, Antioch University has stayed at the forefront of social justice, inclusion, and equality for all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, orientation, or ability. Throughout our 165-year history, we’ve attracted students who took the Antioch values out into the world, have stood for social and environmental justice, and made a difference in the policies and ideologies of the world to the betterment of all.

Financial Aid

Many Antioch University students take advantage of our financial aid options to fund their education. Our Financial Aid team can design an aid package based on your eligibility and personal level of need. We’ll help you explore a variety of federal, state, and institutional financial aid options. You’re welcome to either contact the Financial Aid Office or apply now to see what choices are available for you.


Since its founding in 1852, Antioch University has stayed at the forefront of social justice, inclusion, and equality for all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, creed, orientation, or ability.

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